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Guaracy B. Monteiro
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Txt2tags is a GPL format conversion tool written in Python that generates HTML, XHTML, SGML, LaTeX, Man Page, MoinMoin, Magic Point and PageMaker documents from a text file with little marks.

Different from other conversion tools, it is generic, and not target-specific (as a txt2html tool). This way, you can keep just one source text file and one tool for all your formatting needs.

With txt2tags, you focuses your mind on the document CONTENT, and forget about formatting. Just let the program do this dirty job.

Here you find a "one-click", self-contained installer for Windows. For informations about txt2tags use, please, visit the official site.


  1. Chose the best version for your needs (with or without Python).
  2. Donwload it.
  3. Run program.
  4. That's all.

Compact version

This version is for computers that already have Python installed.

Installer Size md5sum
txt2tags-2.3.exe 829KiB 706e5d4b0487389c8e0d73c8b7d1e674

Full version

This is the stand-alone version of txt2tags. For computers that don't have Python installed.

Installer Size md5sum
txt2tags-2.3-sa.exe 2.37MiB 45a43fceb93f5792ceb27cfd5697e348

Running txt2tags from DOS prompt

If you run txt2tags from a console window, no messages will be displayed from the program. It's a pythonw.exe 'feature'. Some workarounds:


You can download and find more information and last version of t2tmake here (sorry, portuguese version only)

Tools and Scripts

If you want to create your own installation, you need to:

  1. Download and install Python.
  2. Download and install NSIS
  3. Download mcmillian installer and install to <python install>\installer\
  4. Download and install Ruby
  5. Download txt2tags and untar to <path>\txt2tags\txt2tags-<ver>
  6. Save NSIS script to <path>\txt2tags
  7. Save Ruby script to <path>\txt2tags
  8. Verify paths in Ruby script
  9. Execute build.rb (oops, portuguese only :);



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